Forefoot Pain Got You Down?

Article body (HTML version) The foot is a very complex structure which when functioning optimally supports and balances the weight of the entire body. Walking alone puts up to 1.5 times one’s body weight on the foot. Running has been seen to put 3 times your body weight through every inch of your foot. A true functional foot orthotic is a custom-made device prescribed by a podiatrist or pedorthist. What it is not is an off-the-shelf device that is essentially just a nice arch support. While these devices are often helpful, they are not a true custom functional orthotic!

The Moira, manufactured by Ryka, provides a good deep heel that cushions and absorbs shock while you are running, walking or cross training, according to Fitness Magazine. These shoes are also light and flexible. According to the American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine, if you have high arches you need less motion control in your shoes because your feet are already quite rigid. Nike Air Zoom Vomero+3 This shoe provides superior shock absorption, a must if you have high arches. It is also very lightweight, so even though the cushioning is exceptional, the shoe itself does not feel heavy. Buying Tips

The process of binding a girl’s feet began in the winter of her fourth or fifth year, when her feet were still tiny – winter because the cold prevented the worst of the pain in the early part of the process, and probably also because the cold inhibited infection. Her mother lovingly bathed her feet in warm water or animal blood infused with a potion that sloughed off any dead skin, then cut her toenails as short as possible and massaged her foot. As with many things in life, you usually have to pay more for better quality shoes. Running shoes can range anywhere from $40 to $200. Comparison Shopping

Everyone knows that there are shoes fit for every occasion. High -heeled stiletto shoes or chunky leather boots do not fit the tab for comfortable walking shoes. If you wear these types of shoes, you will likely have calluses all over your feet afterwards. Walking shoes have unique features that make them, well ideal for walking. You have to watch out for these features that will keep you walking for miles on end. Most of people pronate or supinate as they walk, with the majority of us who do so walking a bit on the inside of our feet (pronation). These aren’t readily obvious to the untrained eye.

Call your doctor if you have chest pain, shortness of breath especially during exercise, or an irregular pulse. If you know you have Marfan Syndrome, call your doctor immediately if you experience severe pain in the front or back of the chest, sudden weakness or tingling in the arms or legs, or an unexplained fever. These may be symptoms of aortic dissection (tear), a medical emergency that can lead to aortic rupture, which is fatal in 90-95% of cases. Feel free to pass this information along to anyone who may benefit from it as long as you include the information, including website, at the bottom.

As you can see, high arches can be just as much of a problem as flat feet, and in diabetics can result in unique challenges. The key to relief is recognition of this, and appropriate support under the increased arch and protection of the toes. Choosing a running shoe is something in which many people, including top athletes, are not as well educated as they should be. Good shoe selection is based upon the notion that the appropriate shoe will serve to correct the deficiencies of the foot to prevent injury.